This is Laura.

Hi there!

I'm Laura! I am the photographer and owner of Laura Morsman Photography! I am so incredibly grateful to be able to work with so many different people as well as to get the chance to hear each of their intricate stories as well as realizing how perfect imperfections are in all of our incredibly rich experiences. THAT is the story we love and are here to tell through our raw, storytelling, love filled images.

Before we held a camera, we held a love for adventure, and sharing it with others. Throughout the years, documenting those adventures seemed to be the most honoring, awesome thing that we could think of as a way to hold them close and share them and that’s how Laura Morsman Photography came to be! Initially starting out as a family and wedding photographer, we took our editorial aesthetic and huge love of adding FUN into photography, hoping to deconstruct the aspects of it that bring anxiety and a stiffness to it all, and now incorporate that easy-going approach and mentality into literally any type of photography one may need in their life! From lifestyle sessions to senior portraits, weddings to fashion spreads, we are here for it all and love each and every moment! We want you to walk away from our sessions feeling heard, seen, and celebrated.

We photograph experiences keeping in mind that your life's moments don't ever happen twice and we cherish that. That's why our intent is to capture them like they are our own in a way that is authentic, relaxed, and fun.

We travel around the world telling ours and others stories and we seriously cannot wait to tell yours!

Cheers to you and cheers to making memories!


This is Ashley

The best assistant.. EVER. Travel partner. Inspirational maven. Pop Culture connoisseur. These are just a few aspects of what make our incredible assistant Ashley, INCREDIBLE.

Behind every business owner, there is a person who supports, loves, and celebrates right along with our fun and that's Ashley!

Ashley is your main point of contact whenever you reach out to plan your session! From answering questions about our offerings of different sessions, to our travel schedule, Ashley is a wonderful guide in creating the best photography experience we can share with you!


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